Hundertwasser and Architecture: Harmony with Nature & Man

My journey continues with Hundertwasser’s inspiration and his belief that architecture should be in harmony with nature and man. Here are a couple of my latest pieces. I have more in the pipeline I’ll share as I get them completed. ~enjoy

whimsical colorful character standing in front of houses and a forest inspired by Hundertwasser
©Kimberly McGuiness

Friedensreich Hundertwasser started out as a painter. Since the early 1950s, however, he increasingly became focused on architecture, writing, and reading in public .’ advocating natural forms of decay. In 1972, he had his first architectural models made for the TV show‘ Wünsch dir was’, in order to demonstrate his ideas on forested roofs, “tree tenants” and the “window right” of every tenant to embellish the facade around his windows. In these models, Hundertwasser also developed new architectural shapes, such as the “eye-slit” house and the “high-rise meadow house”.[1] ~source Wikipedia

a colorful whimsical mixed media piece inspired by Hundertwasser of a face surrounded by houses and trees
©Kimberly McGuiness