Keepers to the Fire of Life

This piece ‘Keepers to the Fire of Life’ is an inspiration from my imagination. It is a wonderful representation of the style of work I enjoy the most. I love the process of creating a piece of work that tells a story. One that takes you on a journey of sorts to a place away from your own current position in the world, even if only for a moment. I like the challenge I give myself in creating a piece such as this. It’s one where I enjoy the process, the tools, and what the piece has to say and wants to add to the story.

In the winter renewed life and transformations sleep and rest deep within the ruins beyond winter’s reach. Storing up the seeds of renewed life and stoking the fire waiting to burst into form. With a mighty will, wisdom, and power. Life is sacred. Renewing and transformation are sacred.

Spring brings about change, life, renewal, and transformation. From what may have been a very cold, dark winter and all the emotions that may keep us from running at our highest during those months. This piece represents the will, the power, the fire, and the energy for new life and transformation.

Keepers to the fire of life
Keepers to the Fire of Life ©Kimberly McGuiness

The Story

As the winter snows melt away and the first buds of spring emerge from the ground, a sense of new life and transformation fills the air. For many, it is a time of renewal. A time to shed the weight of the past and embrace a brighter future. And for one woman, it was no different.

She had spent the winter months in a state of hibernation of sorts. Her creativity and passion lie dormant within her. Waiting for the right moment to awaken. As the first rays of sunshine began to warm her skin, she felt a stirring deep within her soul.

Renewed Energy to Spark the Fire

It was a feeling she had experienced many times before. But each time it was different. Each time it was a chance to shed the old and embrace the new. To start again with a fresh perspective and renewed energy.

This time, she knew, would be no different. She felt the fire within her burning brighter and hotter than ever before. A beacon calling out to her. Urging her forward toward the next stage of her journey.

In the spirit of embracing this transformative season, she embarked on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. With a desire to bring about the changes she desired. She sought out the guidance of those who had walked a similar path. Learning from their experiences and forging her own unique route to change.

As the spring flowers bloomed around her, she stood tall and proud. For her a symbol of the power of renewal and alteration. Her journey had led her to discover the sacredness of life. The infinite potential within herself.

Gazing out at the world around her, she realized that she had become a keeper of the flame. The guardian of the eternal fire that burns within us all. With a smile of contentment, she embraced the knowledge. No matter what the future held, she was ready to face it head-on. Armed with the strength and wisdom she had gained along her transformative path.

Words to Awaken The Fire

The story of this woman serves as a reminder to us all that within the changing seasons of life, there are opportunities for growth and renewal. Just as spring brings forth new life, we too can shed the weight of the past, embrace our passions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In this season of study and new growth, let us learn from her example. May we ignite the fire within us. Let us seek knowledge and wisdom, and fearlessly embrace the changes that beckon us. As the winter snows melt away, let us welcome the maturing of our own personal spring. Ready to shine brightly and make our mark on the world.

Call to Action

What is it within you needing a life or renewed life? Do you have the will, the power, the fire, and the energy to bring about the transformation? Will you seek the wisdom you need to bring about those changes in the rebirth of spring? Embrace the power of renewal. Within it lies the key to unlocking the secrets of your own soul. Step into the warmth of the spring sun. Let your journey of transformation begin.