Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping and having a look around. I’m an artist introducing a unique recipe of work into the world with sprinkles of heart & soul magic, bold lines, and color. I love to create art pieces that have a story, inspire, and encourage others to play with no limits or boundaries. Some of the most fun pieces are those created with my daughter, Julia. She has a wondrous view of the world and a love for working with scrap fabrics, yarn, and sari silks in her creations and designs. Julia is living with deaf autism.


Whimsical Flower Series

I love flowers and all the texture, color, and shapes they can present themselves in. I often say I’m always amazed at the beauty that can come from the tiniest of seeds. Flowers and nature are often inspirations for some of my more whimsical pieces and this series is just ...

JOY-filled Arts & Crafts Summer Camp

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp, not only is it the hottest ticket in town for adults and teens this summer, but I’m also teaching a session! I’ll tell ya more about that in a bit but first, let me share more about the camp itself! It’s a 3-day ...

Floral Expressions Exhibit

Hello, just popping in to share some exciting news! Julia and I have each been accepted to participate in the Floral Expressions Exhibit at the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center! This is the first time Julia and I both have been in a gallery setting together and we couldn’t be more ...