Welcome To The Gallery

Welcome to an innovative collection of fine art pieces that exemplify my unique and dynamic style. Each masterpiece is a testament to my creativity and skill as an artist, showcasing my versatility with materials such as pens, ink, colored pencils, graphite, acrylic and latex paints, watercolors, molding paste, and joint compound. My innovative artistic process involves blending these mediums to achieve intricate textures, rich colors, and depth that bring each piece to life. These works of art are sure to captivate and inspire viewers with their beauty, complexity, and emotional depth, showcasing the endless possibilities of innovation in the arts. Experience the magic of my innovative art and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and wonder. Contact for availability.

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Mixed Media

Circus Series: The Great Exhibition

Hundertwasser Inspired & Created in My Style

Raven’s Inkwell: Coloring the Essence of Raven’s Spirit