Star Catcher I finally caught one!

Remember laying in the grass as a child and looking up at the stars wishing you could catch one of them? Besides Hundertwasser, this is the inspiration behind my newest piece, ‘Star Catcher’.

I love the shapes, lines, and colors of this piece. This piece is inspired by Hundertwasser and his life work of bringing humanity and nature together in harmony. I’ve finally developed my own style under his influence. I’m so excited and simply overjoyed about this new growth in my work. I honestly feel like I’ve caught a star and I’m forever grateful.

star catcher
Star Catcher © Kimberly McGuiness

The Star Catcher Story

Once upon a time, young Maya would lie in the grass, captivated by the starry night sky, yearning to seize a star of her own. As she grew, her art became her shining star. Influenced by Hundertwasser’s vision of harmony between humanity and nature. Recently, Maya discovered her unique style, embodying unity and balance in every creation.

With each artwork, Maya’s evolution as an artist surged. Fearlessly, she explored diverse mediums and techniques. Pushing boundaries beyond imagination. Yet, she remained steadfast in her mission: to share her art and its captivating narrative with the world.

Reflecting on her journey, Maya overflowed with gratitude for every step that led her here. Her star sparkled in every brushstroke, every fluid line, and every vibrant splash of color on her canvas.

Aware that her artistic odyssey was far from over, Maya embraced the forthcoming challenges and endless horizons. Filled with joy and purpose. She embraced the certainty that her art had the extraordinary power to inspire and unite people from diverse walks of life.

Now older and lying in the grass once more, gazing at the stars, Maya couldn’t help but smile. For her, she had finally caught her star and was eager to illuminate the world with its brilliance.

Call to Action

Look to catch your own star. Embrace the present, unleash potential, and inspire through mindfulness and creativity. Find harmony, growth, and joy within.