Urban Development

Urban Development tells a story of man and nature living together in harmony among the flow of architecture development and how we are all connected. This piece is reflective of my main style and one I enjoy the most. I love the flowing lines, the connection between humanity and nature, and the boldness of color in bringing pieces like this to life.

colorful image inspired by Hundertwasser
© Kimberly McGuiness, ‘Urban Development’

I believe so much can be learned from nature and the architectural structure and color our surroundings present to us. When we take the time to look, I mean really look, nature has an enormous cache of patterns, texture, curves, and uniqueness all of which can make for an inspirational soup of creativity.

This piece is created on 11×17 smooth bristol paper. I used watercolor and ink.

‘Urban Development’ was inspired by the work of F. Hundertwasser.

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