Urban Development

Urban Development tells a story of man and nature living together in harmony in the flow of architectural development and how we are all connected. This piece is reflective of my main style and one I enjoy the most. I love the flowing lines, the connection between humanity and nature, and the boldness of color in bringing pieces like this to life.

The story:

In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the towering skyscrapers and busy streets, there was a man who had always felt a deep connection to nature. He believed that harmony between man and nature was possible, even in the midst of urban development.

As he walked through the city, he couldn’t help but notice the beauty in the architecture that surrounded him. The flowing lines, curves, and bold colors of the buildings spoke to him in a language that he understood. He felt as though the city itself was a living, breathing organism, and he was just a small part of it.

But as much as he loved the city, he knew that there was something missing. The natural world was scarce in this urban landscape, and he longed to see more of it. So, he set out to create a project that would bring the beauty of nature back into the city.

flowing lines and color
© Kimberly McGuiness, ‘Urban Development’

He worked tirelessly, using his knowledge of architecture and design to create a space where man and nature could coexist in harmony. The project was a success, and soon the space was filled with trees, flowers, and wildlife.

As he watched people enjoy the space he had created, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He had proven that it was possible for man and nature to live together in harmony, even in the midst of urban development.

Years went by, and the city continued to grow and change. But the man’s project remained a testament to the power of nature and the beauty of architecture. And as people continued to visit the space, they too felt the connection between man and nature that the man had always believed in.

In the end, the man realized that he had accomplished something truly special. He had shown the world that even in the midst of chaos and development, we can still find peace and beauty in the natural world around us. And with that realization, he knew that his work was far from over.

So much can be learned from nature and the architectural structure and color our surroundings present to us. When we take the time to look, I mean really look, nature has an enormous cache of patterns, texture, curves, and uniqueness all of which can make for an inspirational soup of creativity.

‘Urban Development’ was inspired by the work of F. Hundertwasser.