Phoenix of Fire

The Story The Phoenix

The Phoenix of Fire is a majestic creature that rises from the ashes. She embodies the essence of spirit, protection, and wisdom. This mystical being is the keeper of the golden seeds and teachings that have been passed down from times long past. Its presence is sacred to those whose golden seed has fallen and planted along the path of their journey.

Father Time reminds us that change and death are inevitable, but with death comes rebirth. The Phoenix, with its fiery soul, carries and protects ancient knowledge. Illuminating the darkness with its orange, red, and golden glow. We should not dismiss the flicker of the wind and all that it carries. For it may bring us the enlightenment we need.

phoenix of fire
©2022 Kimberly McGuiness, ‘Phoenix’ 36×48

Life, love, light, kindness, and good hold the seeds of movement and flow. The golden seeds, like the dandelion, are planted where they are needed. Carrying holy and sacred learning that can ease our sorrows when we remember to ask. The beauty of the golden seeds can only be observed and never touched. Their messages are specific to those who listen quietly in the shadow of scholarly teachers.

Phoenix Judgment

We must not judge the outer shell, but look and listen deeply from within the flame. The fiery breath will ignite the spark. We will be able to see the golden seed within us. The Phoenix of fire, spirit, protection, and wisdom will always be present. Guiding us on our journey and reminding us of the ancient teachings that have been passed down through the ages.

Like the tree and its shadow that give birth to new beginnings after death, we too can rise from the ashes and begin anew. May the Phoenix’s presence always be known. Sacred to those whose golden seed has fallen and been planted along the path in the journey they travel.

Call To Action

Take a moment to look within yourself and find your own golden seed. What is it that makes you feel alive and passionate? What knowledge do you carry within you that can be shared with the world? Once you’ve identified your golden seed, nurture it and let it grow. Embrace the lessons of the Phoenix of fire, spirit, protection, and wisdom. Allow its fiery soul to ignite the spark within you. Rise from the ashes of your doubts and fears. Let your golden seed guide you on your journey toward fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. Remember, you hold within you the power to make a positive impact on the world. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine brightly.