New Work: There Is Strength & Wisdom In Freedom

This new work: ‘There Is Strength & Wisdom In Freedom’ has taken on more of a visual storytelling aspect. Bringing symbolism and messages to those who need to witness and ‘see’ them. In this manner, they are to be perceived and taken in by the viewer. This new work has been a 3-week and over 100-hour journey I’ve spent with this 30×40 wrapped canvas. I could not be more pleased and in awe of the final outcome of this piece.

Kimberly painting in the studio

I do enjoy this kind of creative work or perhaps creative storytelling the most. Through the process of working with this piece, I’ve come to be in awe of the visual power art can have and the story the work is meant to communicate. I’ve also been working on being more aware and intuitive while working on a piece like this. It’s hard listening to the direction of the unseen and honoring the requests bubbling up from one’s soul and birthing them to life.

Even so, I also know it’s a matter of trusting in myself and honoring the visual unfurling of the story and messages. When it’s time, my own narrative will be added to this piece as will yours. We just need to respect the little nudges. Be still, silent, and listen in order to receive the edition the story wants us to know. For our own soul’s ever-unfolding legend.

strength & wisdom in freedom
©2021 Kimberly McGuiness

Call to Action

I invite you to take some time to look at the image. Listen to what this piece has to share with you. What words come up? Are there any specific emotions you feel? Is there a message, a memory, or a visual image that comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of place? Take time to add your thoughts to your journal. Whatever it may be for you to get it on a page. We each see and take things differently. Including messages, visual symbols, emotions, and memories. Even though we may not understand. We may also question them at the time. Trust in the knowledge of what is meant just for you.

A video timeline creating Strength & Wisdom In Freedom

a studio short with a timeline through the creation of this piece