Darkness Is The Absence of Light

Long ago there was a man who was sent to save each of us from our own destruction. Within him, he carried a sacred heart, the heart of promises, towards the light. The sacrifice, although seen with cruelty and horror, ignorance, and controlling power, was also necessary. The creator, Jesus, God, the Holy One, The Messiah, no matter the term we use it is still the universal energy of one. The oneness of creative power in love and knowing in all existence, in the animal, mineral, and nature kingdoms and beyond what we as humans can’t yet see or understand.

The human body, skinsuit, or whatever we want to call it is just a container for our soul, our higher self to rest as we learn our lessons, and to break karmic and powerful rules when we make a conscious decision to do so, we become a ray of light. Energy moving out into the universal consciousness well beyond the earth plane and the 3rd dimension world we live in.

blue woman with red roases in her hair holding a sacred heart
©Kimberly McGuiness, Darkness Is The Absence of Light

Our world, our universe, and everything around us in these aspects of existence is changing. There are power struggles we cannot understand. We either accept or deny them as the norm and move along, ‘our perceived path’. Our fear feeds the existence of that which makes us afraid. When we are full of light, love, kindness, and good we gain so much more worth and value, beyond any monetary existence.

We all have such an exciting assignment, one we signed up for so long ago, a sacred contract if you will. A contract to do our work, in igniting the fire from the sacred heart given to use many years ago with no fear, no worry, no judgment, no hatred but only from a place of love, light, kindness, and good and to share it. When we do this we are renewed from the darkness and all the lure and sweetness of its poison and are reborn with light energy radiating through each cell of our human existence into the world and universe. The light we carry within us is underestimated and is also the very thing that will liberate us.

When we make an intentional choice to form a reunion with Mother Earth and all her powerful and sacred elements it’s like finding a key to a doorway. Once we walk through the threshold there will be beauty and joy unlike anything experienced before. It’s a powerful aspect of us in liberating the inner warrior, a powerful natural energetic flow interconnected between us and all life forces within the planet.   

Let’s add to the collection of universal light and open up to the possibilities when we only look, act and guide from a place of love, light, kindness, and good to each other for each other. Fear is just a 4-letter word and how we react is what gives fear the power and control over us. Let’s make a united and deliberate decision to no longer act, or feed into being afraid, or provide for the energetic growth fear craves and demands in all aspects of our lives.