Keeper of the Hope Jar

When I was in high school one of the classes I could not wait to get to was mythology. I loved the stories and the details of how they came to be, one of the reasons I’ve always been so fascinated with Greece I guess and comparable places like Egypt, and others in the world. I just love all the ancient architecture, how they were able to accomplish so much grander in their building skills, color, and art!

close up picture of the peacock feathers in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

The myth of Pandora’s Box has been fascinating people for centuries, catching the imagination of countless artists, who created frescos, mosaics, and sculptures depicting Pandora and the mythological facets surrounding her. The story goes Pandora was given a box or jar by Zeus with strict instructions not to ever open the container. Her curiosity finally getting the better of her she opens the box only to release all the evils into the world. Becoming afraid of what was happening around her, she quickly closed the box just in time to keep ‘Hope’ inside.

In my latest piece ‘Keeper of the Hope Jar,’ the jar represents Pandora’s box the word on the outside written in Greek means ‘Hope’. The peacock represents new beginnings, rebirth, nobility, holiness, guidance, protection and watchfulness. The woman represents a keeper of that which is sacred, like a mother with her child, forever protecting, guiding and bringing knowledge and hope to dreams and aspirations.

picture of the yellow haired woman, hope jar and peacock in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

The ancient Greek ruins represent opulence, strength, courage, and destruction. In the end, for me, ‘Keeper of the Hope Jar’ is she who reminds us of hope. She, who is forever watchful, guided and guarded by her holiness to always keep ‘hope’ close to spirit, heart, and soul. She who will always remember that even after the most devastating storm, fall from grace, or hurt from one person to another guided by darkness there is and will always be ‘hope’.

a picture of the ancient greek ruins in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

The story of Pandora reminds me of all the things we hope for ourselves, others and all of humankind. Art gives the opportunity to express all that is deep in my soul with the ‘hope’ each piece will bring a message to each new viewer intended specifically for them. Whether it be techniques or lessons my wish is we listen from where we are today to the whispers and knowledge from the past, and use this wisdom for a brighter tomorrow even if only in our little corner of the world. Always remembering the hope, that through the centuries has never abandoned us but instead been keep safe in our own containers of heart and soul for us to share and bring to others when they need ‘it’, (HOPE) the most.

a photo of the entire art piece with ancient ruins, a jar, peacock and woman
Keeper of the Hope Jar @Kimberly McGuiness

This is a mixed media piece on 11×14 smooth bristol paper. I used joint compound, acrylic, watercolor, ink, gel pen. ‘Keeper of the Hope Jar’ is #2 in my ‘Around the World Series’.