Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping and having a look around. I’m an artist introducing a unique recipe of work into the world with sprinkles of heart & soul magic, bold lines, and color. I love to create art pieces that have a story, inspire, and encourage others to play with no limits or boundaries. Some of the most fun pieces are those created with my daughter, Julia. She has a wondrous view of the world and a love for working with scrap fabrics, yarn, and sari silks in her creations and designs. Julia is living with deaf autism.

Recent Posts

picture of a woman with very colorful hair and blue roses in her hair

Metanoia My Own Greek Goddess

It does not matter what color our hair, or our skin or the deepness of our wounds and emotional scars or the way we dress with flowers in our hair or bells on our shoes ...
rock wall with moss and bokeh

How are you Navigating?

No matter what path we travel, we always will have to navigate around obstacles. Some may be in the form of emotional challenges, while others may be physical challenges, but, no matter which challenges they are, we will always overcome them. One of the things I have learned on my ...
leaf bouquet line drawing inspired by nature using ink and colored markers

Leaf Bouquet: Inspired by Nature

I’m always inspired by nature. I’m amazed at how the tiniest of seeds can create the most beautiful bouquet in the garden or yard. There are so much texture and pattern in so many things around us, every time I walk through the garden I see something different. Leaf Bouquet, ...

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