Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping and having a look around. I’m an artist introducing a unique recipe of work into the world with sprinkles of heart & soul magic, bold lines, and color. I love to create art pieces that have a story, inspire, and encourage others to play with no limits or boundaries. Some of the most fun pieces are those created with my daughter, Julia. She has a wondrous view of the world and a love for working with scrap fabrics, yarn, and sari silks in her creations and designs. Julia is living with deaf autism.

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JOY-filled Arts & Crafts Summer Camp

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp, not only is it the hottest ticket in town for adults and teens this summer, but I’m also teaching a session! I’ll tell ya more about that in a bit but first, let me share more about the camp itself! It’s a 3-day ...

Floral Expressions Exhibit

Hello, just popping in to share some exciting news! Julia and I have each been accepted to participate in the Floral Expressions Exhibit at the Rockmart Cultural Arts Center! This is the first time Julia and I both have been in a gallery setting together and we couldn’t be more ...
blue woman with red roases in her hair holding a sacred heart

Darkness Is The Absence of Light

Long ago there was a man who was sent to save each of us from our own destruction. Within him he carried a sacred heart, the heart of promises, towards the light. The sacrifice, although seen with cruelty and horror, ignorance and controlling power, was also necessary. The creator, Jesus, ...