The Messengers

At the end of each year, I always make sure my house and other areas of my life are back in order for the holidays. For me, this helps to bring in the new year and the opportunities it carries and whatever they may be, and the energy they carry flows better when this is in order. They have room to roam so to speak. This piece called, ‘The Messengers’ is such a piece. I had been worried about my creative journey and some other things and being very hard on myself. Searching for answers and guidance I finally got it and within 7 days all of the animals in this piece came to my backyard.

mixed media art by kimberly mcguiness a lady with blue hair and feathers in it, 2 barn owls, deer and a coyote
The Messengers ©Kimberly McGuiness

First, the deer showed up across from the window of my studio. He stood ever so steady and silent for several minutes just staring at me when I came to the window to see him.

a picture of the deer in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

His message was to remind me to be gentle with myself and mindful of the grace and gentleness that echoes the qualities brought forth when living from the heart. It also reminds me to look from a fresh perspective on things that no longer serve me and distance myself from them, I can be determined yet gentle at the same time. Trust my instinct when using my senses and intuition to reach farther out and always remember to find rest and peace in silence, which I haven’t done enough of lately.

picture of 2 barn owls in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

A couple of days or should I say nights later the two owls showed up having this very gentle yet chatty conversation outside my bedroom window in a tree. They reminded me of my inspiration and to keep exploring the unknown and the magic of life, which I often say about flowers. The beauty those blossoms can present from such a tiny little seed is truly magical indeed. These two owls for me also represent winds of change and always listening to my intuition and the ability to see what others do not see.

picture of the coyote in the art piece
©Kimberly McGuiness

Finally, a couple of nights later the coyote brought his message, stopping to howl what felt like in between the 2 spots of the other animals and closer to the house. The coyote reminded me to keep things simple when possible and to be open to possibilities. Don’t take things too seriously, keep the humor and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness.

I know for some this post may be a bit ‘out there but I think when one takes the time to really ‘listen’ for the answers and guidance we seek they are presented to us in the best attention-getting ways possible. My takeaway from these encounters is to not beat myself up too much and keep things simple and playful with a little humor thrown in. Continue to be wise, determined, strong, and cautious, and always follow my intuition, create from the heart, and always no matter what stay true to myself.

This original art piece is 18×24 mixed media on Canson Mixed Media paper. I used watercolor, ink, and Prismacolor Colored pencils.