Sunflower Leaf Bowls (set of 3)

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This is a set of 3 100% handmade leaf bowls using a sunflower leaf. They are shallow and made from paper clay the perfect size to hold a small collection of crystals, shells, keys, potpourri, etc. The bowls range in size but are approx. 2 5/8 inches at their widest point and about 3 1/4-1/2 inches at their longest point. The bowls may loosen up if left for long periods of time in a humid environment but should stiffen back up after a few days when put back in a dry environment. The bowls are not perfect and are not meant to be. I use a more organic approach when making items with paper clay it's part of my natural style as an artist, imperfections are expected and part of the personality of the piece. Not recommended for outdoor use. Decor purposes only. They are not food or liquid safe. I used paper clay, real natural leaf from nature, acrylic paint and 2 coats of protective clear gloss spray.

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