Sapphire an exceptional existence

Sapphire is from the royal family of wisdom, seeker of spiritual truth and will never compromise her integrity. Magnificent in her discipline, she perches on this same branch watching, waiting and opening her mind to the beauty the sunset has to offer. Reflecting and embracing the joy and power in the transition of each day into night, Sapphire is encouraged by her ability to manifest her ideas into dreams and her dreams into reality. Deeper levels of meditation at this time restore her balance within, allowing her to stay focused on her goals, while never losing sight of being true to her.

a blue mixed media peacock in an oval frame created by Kimberly McGuiness
Sapphire ©Kimberly McGuiness

Sapphire is a 13×17 Oval mixed media piece that includes frame and glass. I used acrylic, Koi brush pens, Prisma colored pencils, gel pens, ink, wite-out pen gelatos, gold metal acrylic and 2 coats protective spray. ***SOLD***