Learn & Grow From the Thunderstorms

We each have our own feelings and mental picture of thunderstorms. Whether it’s the love of sitting on the front porch listening to the thunder roll across the mountains or the cracking of the whip as the electric beauty dances through the sky, our love or dislike for the storm and the greatness of its strength are powerful. As the power and energy from the storm pass we are left with the rain gently nourishing the tiniest of life all around us as we take in a deep breath, as we think to ourselves, we made it, we made it through the storm.

image of sun rays coming through dark clouds
Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This can also be applied in our daily lives. We all have a range of storms in our lives. Some are nourishing gentle rains. Some are the ups and downs of the thunder rolling across the hills. While others are full-blown downpours and all that can accompany the energy of the storm, the electric energy, the wind, the thunder and worst yet, a tornado or hurricane. Each of us travels through storms in our lives. These storms are in our personal and business relationships and are also encountered as we make our way through the routine of each day. Some storms can be more intense than others, but, I believe, we must perhaps take a look at the outcome and choose to learn and grow from the storms in our lives, because of course, nothing happens without reason.

When we can choose to grow from our storms we can help people believe again, be positive, and be nourishing to themselves and others. Yes, it’s a mindset, but, yet again, we have to choose the mindset which best moves us forward in a positive direction, when we do, we learn, we grow, from what we may have just gone through. Should we not choose this, then what will we choose and when?

I’ve been through some storms in my life which made me feel like my world was coming to an end. It wasn’t what I was walking towards that scared me; it was what I was walking away from. This took me some time, but I learned I wanted to be around people who had the powerful ability and enthusiasm to help me move forward positively.

No matter what the challenge(s) in your life right now, always, be the best you, you can be. Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch. Remember the toughest time is just before you break through the clouds. Learn and grow from the thunderstorms that come and go through your life. You will survive. You will move forward.