Lady Spade

In the kingdom where the symbolism of the spade is embossed on every building in the village and predominately ornating the castle on the hill, Lady Spade finds herself in love with a suitor from the village. Her mother, the Queen of Spades wishes for her daughter to marry a more polished suitor from another kingdom, one with more cunning, more stature and who knows how to play his cards…or does he? However, to do so each suitor must have a game of wit and finesse to play the winning hand for the secret code of the cards to be revealed… only then will the suitor be chosen. Who will it be the one Lady Spade is in love with or the one who hides behind a mask of deception and greed?

Lady Spade is an 11x14 mixed media piece on smooth bristol paper.
Lady Spade ©Kimberly McGuiness
Lady Spade is an 11×14 mixed media piece on smooth bristol paper. I used watercolor, ink, white-out pen, gel pen, acrylic.

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