Give It A Go & See If It Fits

I’ve been blessed over the past few years to meet some amazingly creative artists from all over the world. Each one with their unique style and approach to their work who have also be inspired by someone or something else. They then took that inspiration to experiment with, play around with, and get their hands dirty in it, all to come up with their own ‘spin’ ending with a creation that fits their style and sense of wonder and imagination.

Handmade Paperclay Bowls with sprigs of herbs and crystals sitting on wood by Kimberly McGuiness
©Kimberly McGuiness

The above photo is no different. The inspiration for these 3 little bowls came from several of my artist friends. I took their inspiration played around with it, got my hands dirty in the process and these paper clay bowls I made for myself are the result of my experimentation. They are not very big, they are organic and made by hand using stamps and tools for mark-making in the clay. I used an antiquing medium, metallic paint and gold gilding around the edges.

So I say go for whatever may inspire you!  Especially if it is calling to you with such vibrations you can’t let it go. Your process may be similar but the end result will be different. Once you are done you may find it may not be a good fit for you, it may not fit well with your muse and that’s ok. Listen to what your piece is telling you. For me, I have learned, and I’m still reminded, by each piece I create that they have their own voice and if we listen closely it will guide us along the best path for their creation or not. It may not be at our speed and perhaps that’s the lesson. But, listen and be amazed at the end of the energy, the life, the soul work and the message meant to be spoken, it’s a piece of you!